February 25, 2007

Which Sense Is Strongest in You?

Adilasrie, your strongest sense is Humor

Always good for a laugh — that's most likely how friends describe you. With your quick wit, you can easily bring a welcome smile to someone's face or lighten a situation with some much-needed comic relief. You've got an ability to laugh at yourself and help others not take things too seriously. Your instincts tell you that nothing does a body good quite like a hearty laugh. That's why having fun is your number one priority when it comes to parties, vacations, and even the daily grind. Injecting a little humor into each day keeps you and everyone around you smiling. Nice job!
p/s: uhuh nape la mmg jwpn cni jer aku dpt klo wat test seumpama nih? huhu mmg klako ke aku ni orgnyer?

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