March 1, 2007

tickle test again~~~bru buat 2 tests da sakit mate nk tdo huhu

Who's the Man of Your Dreams?

Adilasrie, A Secret Agent is the man of your dreams

Mystery and intrigue — it's not just for action-adventure movies. It's what you are looking for in life and love. From spontaneous weekend getaways to notes stuck in your jean pockets, you love being surprised and appreciate the extra thought and effort that goes into making it happen.That's why a secret agent could steal your heart — he's got what it takes to change the world, but he's not about to go around shouting about it. But don't worry, your secret's safe with us. Shhhh.

p/s: no wonder aku suke detective conan hehe

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?

Adilasrie, you're a Laidback Lover

Carefree and easy-going — that's your approach to love and life. Above all, you respect your boyfriend's beliefs, choices, and ideals, making you a trustworthy and supportive force in his decisions. Caring and thoughtful when it comes to your actions, you expect the same in return.Even if you spend every waking moment together, you want to feel like you have freedom and room to breathe. For you, it's important that you maintain your individuality so that you can continue to bring something unique to the relationship. After all, you gotta be you.

p/s: bkn sbb xnk mengongkong so dat aku x dikongkong di kemudian hari ke? hehe kantoiii

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