November 28, 2007

Mid Semester Break [day 11]

November 27, 2007

subject offered for 2nd semester displayed on web
quite tense to choose which subject to attend
only 2 statistic subject offered
i mean subjects that i don't sit yet
plan to take both
an a biology subject as 'luar jabatan'
got 8 credit hours to go
can't wait to graduate!!

eat a lot lately
forget my diet huhu
meme called during lunch
talk a little bout friends and our final semester
baked a sweet-delicious bread pudding for tea

watch tv from 9 to 12
wish to have somthing greater tomorrow!

1 precious comments:

Anonymous said...

d ='( tibe2 die kte aku xcinte die huwaaa.. bohsan la bcinte nie, smpi ati tikus aku ='( huhuhu....
-ima buhsan-