September 15, 2012

[ZA 6 bulan] Soal anak; emak-emak perlu cekal!

Membesarkan walau seorg anak, emak2 mesti cekal!
Cewah, dah gaye ayat pakar motivasi bidang kekeluargaan gitu...
Serta beranak 13 orang... Huhu

It's 2:47 a.m.
Awoke after ZA's ehek ehek -lapar la tu!

Selalu, UA yg akan mesti patut perlu dikejutkan untuk buat susu tapi since he just reach home (read: just reach our beautiful bed) from his 4d3n kursus, so kasik chance la he tido2 sbb esok pon nk drive all d way to PD we all ada family dat Risda.

So tonight, and since past 3 nights actually, saya la yg bangun g bancuh susu ZA and feed her (which is mmg my part unless i dh x blh bgn then UA will take over...)

And after finished, this time i buat her 4 oz je (usually 6) sbb dia kn masih batuk2 & sesema then she ssh nk minum n minum sket je pet feeding session this week.

Alhamdulillah baby mommy dah ok, finished her 4 oz.
Then i put her back in her cot, along with my bantal busuk, het current favourite thing :) mayb sbb it smells like me (but asyem a bit -kata UA) haha

Ok this time, again, i tried to teach her to sleep in her cot.
Well actually she loves sleeping there in fact she dont even mind pun i put her there or let her sleep wth me n UA.
Ok je dia tdo soundly sampai pagi.
Ehek2 nk susu or soother jatuh, tu biasa la kn.
Instead dia tau (and she can see me from her cot) sy sleep just by her side cuma lain katil je :)

But... The biggest problem on earth is with me hahaha...
Ok, sape agree angkat tgn!
It's so susah gile to let your baby away from you!
Betul tak? Especially d 1st one huhu...
Syiok wooo peluk2 dia all night long, making sure that she's all urs until death come to life!
Dats y la dulu elok2 bdk tu selesa dok cot, mommy gatai ajo tdo bwh armpit semula...
Pastu bising ckp anak nk tdo ngempeng.
Pdhal mommy yg lebih mohon si anak mengempeng hahaha

But now since me having sakit2 blkg tu semula,
remember i was doing my spine surgery 3 months plus minus b4 i get pregnant?
then nak x nak ZA must tdo on her own.
Skali skala blh la mommy empeng...
Nnt if mommy lambat baik, pastu buat lak the dont things,
if mommy have to go back to hospital,
sape nk jaga cuk dentut mommy tu kan?
So kita sama2 sacrifice ye syg!

Ermmm so now i guess u already know why, at this hour,
this mommy of Zihni Aflah still awake with her eyes wide open,
writing this entry, facing her most beloved first daughter's cot hehehe...

3 precious comments:

E'in said...

comel anak akak.. :)

LaLaLOLa said...

hehe thanks :)
syukur rezeki tuhan bg :)

Damia Umairah said...

Salam, comelnya dia, Biarlah tidur dalam cot tu, biar jadi anak berdikari besar nanti. bisalah anak pertama mesti sayang kemainn kan.