July 19, 2015

of eid, a gift & a test from Allah SWT

Selamat Hari Raya, semua~~~

ZA#2 officially turns #oneyearold this eid, alhamdulillah...
3 days befor eid, on Wednesday, she suddenly down with fever right before imsak
Pity baby, she vomited a lot that day until momy have to call Mak Ngah Poja & Dr. Acu Ibal for rescue
Her chest started showing measles sign and there you go!
We delayed going back to opah's for a few hours sebab ZA#1 pulak muntak2 on the way...
balik rumah dulu basuh2 apa patut and later we gerak at 1130 a.m.
Plan asal was right after Subuh prayer

On the road, ZA#2 sleep well tapi ZA#1 keep vomiting a few times
Pity kakak...

Then here we celebrated our 1st Syawal dengan this one year old baby with measles
No cakes, no celebration, no birthday songs
We just wish you to grow up healthily and always be with Allah blessings

3 days before eid, the ZAs get a little sister from Allah's hand
She's NUR IMANI ALYA (cahaya imanku nikmat), momy's "anak susuan"
Well I thik Alya will be our first and only anak susuan sebab susu momy pon bukanlah banyak sangat and we need to keep the "nasab" on track juga...

So this is Alya, photo taken after burping kekenyangan meminum momy's milk hehehe
Momy, ayah, kakak Aflah & kakak Ajdaa love you sooo much, Alya :)
TQ very much to Kak Nita & husband for accepting us as a part your family :)

Lots of Love,
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