November 21, 2007

Mid Semester Break [day 3]

November 20, 2007

Hurm... quite bored yet oke!

Makcik Ros dropped by
And watched us tidy up the garage
And said to mak
“Kurusnye budak ni Puzi!”
when she saw me

And mak agreed with her
But I really didn’t.... at all!
Coz just happened to be last weekend
When the cousins said
I look GEMOK!

1st tuition class started @ 10
Not so exciting but somehow...
I like teaching...
I guess I just like to help!

Having hot tea and pan-cakes
with mak, ayah and the brothers
At our garage when the rain started to get heavy
Just like me and Meme’s wishes
Every rainy evening at college!

Boocuk‘s not feeling well =’[
But still arrived office before 8!
Check on him so often even if I know
he hate to answer me during work
and never stop saying “I’m OK!!”
but end up balik keje “awal”...=P

Nothing left to do at night
Boocuk sleep before 10
Guess he need more rest
Since it was his “8-hari-seminggu”
Gila kerja since past 3 weeks!
And everybody fall asleep too
Right after I wish my boocuk good nite...

Again... It’s boring!!
having a bowl of meggi
While watching Korean drama until late
And been captured by its
“Misha Omar look” actress
Have a supper-in-bed =))
And get ready to sleep
Wishing that there’ll be another
sweetest dream of my boocuk

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