February 19, 2008

Big girl don't cry version

Day 13, daddy's moving to Kuantan. Still, I can feel the toughness. Soooo tough I need to learn to be matured soon I tot huhu... Bonda's car broke last Tuesday. I didn't even know the news till daddy SMS me last weekend. Poor bonda, so do adik. No wonder she didn't reply me any SMS last week! Anyway I thought daddy's had fix the car already since he came back home for medical checkup last Thursday. Arghh... God, please save my parents!

Overnite @ Pooja's place last weekend. Went to MV & head to UO soon after saving Ima from an unwanted date wid Hamka. Met Nate n Walie in front of Waffle World. At 10,watch CJ7 @ OU wid Pooja & aunty. Came back home for MU-Arsenal match @ 1am but fall asleep soon after the match start haha. Anyway, Mr. Boocuk's MU won again. Hate it but not that much haha! Went to Ibal's place the next day. Aunty asked me to drive d whole way frm Seremban to KL but I refused. Got period pain loh!! Instead, kecut perut la byk sgt kereta on d road!!

Pak long asked for resume & letter. Wish to get any related post there in Hong Kong Bank or Citybank soon after graduate hihi. Pooja also want to help with Tourisme Malaysia & RHB Bank. Friends back in Bank Rakyat also asked me to come back there and Mr. Boocuk asked me to apply for his "penolong" @ UiTM next March (sigh)... Thank God, soooo many ppl wanted badly to help this sweet young lady hihi but still waiting for the post of Pegawai Sains @ UMT. Anyway, looking forward to move on to Desa Height soon.. hihi nothing there to wait, bonda! Lets just move!!

Well after all, just wish to gather back wid daddy huhu (Why not you just move to Ampang HQ, dear daddy?)... Hmmm missing him! TQ to Doin for your supportive SMS last evening, bro! Your cutee-scary sister is sooo much in tense, I just don't want you to know, bebeh! TQ also to Mr. Boocuk for being concern on me. It just that I need some space for myself now. Will come back to you once I recover oke. Sorry for not pickup the phone, cayang!

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Anonymous said...

haha,thnks alot 2 u n pooja..
nextime, i'll call u, to rescue me 'again' =P from any "unwanted" date hahaha... aku yg bdose besarr =(