April 17, 2008

my 23rd birthday wishlist?

Hmm... I tot these are my most wanted things by now. Not so expensive as most of the people at my age always wanted to have, due to a condition that I just CANNOT afford to buy sooooo many expensive items by this time. Well, just being frank that my parents rule is not to buy gadget or machine for their children. And for that, I was once finished my "duit raya" a few years back to replace my broken 3310 to the cheapest Motorola huhu... But anyway, I tot their way of raising us (I mean THIS rule out of another unmentioned rules) is somehow very reasonable!

Oke, no further discussion bout that and lets proceed to things I wanted most by this moments. Who know somebody might buy any of 'em as my 23rd birthday present this June hihi

This is one of my favorite design for my BECOMING laptop skin. Why I need it most? I tot there are a few reasons for it too. I just feel sangat kesian to my mr.lappy yang sudah scratch di sana sini. Dah tak hensem lagi huhu. Instead, I tot as life's like wheel, I'm turning back to my childhood favorite color -RED. Well, it will just cost me about RM45 which I think it's worth to have this skin instead of adding my closet's item!

Next one is a laptop sleeve untuk mr.lappy tersayang... Considering the theme, I'll be very glad to have a hot red laptop sleeve hihi. Gorgeous kan?! Well, I need this because mr.lappy's bag is getting dirty. I donno, but most of all, I just feel like having one! =P This is Hana Red Series Sleeve On from PenSkinz (hana means flowers in Japanese) and will cost me less than RM150! So... anybody? Hihi

Hmmm... This is a redesign Chilli Red Proton Saga by Proton. A "chomel" car for a "chomel" driver hihi... Well, I think 39K is quite oke for a beginner instead, my mom had already request to change my (becoming) new car with her Kelisa. Huhu sangat tidak adil!! So, kalau terpaksa guna kereta tak cun juga, tak apelah kalau beli ini aje kan?

And last but not least, my recent addict... Sony Ericsson W760. Shake your mobile to change song hahaha... Not yet in market and might cost me about 1K++ I tot but I desperately want to have it (as soon as it come to Malaysia hahaha) to replace my 4-year-old K300i (huh!). And... it MUST be this RED so that I dont need to put on skin to it haha will cost another RM rite?

Why? Why? Why they are all red? Coz I tot I'm back to my sweetest childhood when everything must be RED! No school if not to be dressed in my red gown. No drink if it's not "sirap". No raya if no "baju kurung merah". So guys, lets enjoy the redness of life! Above all, hope to have em all by this year (insyaAllah) due to the stated and some other unmentioned conditions. Anybody have a very kind heart to sponsor? Hahaha

Looking forward to enjoy our annual family vacation next month... I'm assigned to conduct poco poco. Yeehaa!! Sangat suke!!! Tapi caution:

3 precious comments:

Anonymous said...

hahahha, caya lah!! merah ny makngah! =P

-i M a-

Anonymous said...

bunch of goodluck!


d|L said...

to ima: hmmmm mak ngah mmg suke merah... tp mak aku mcm dh beli je saga di tepi pengetahuanku... ade cadangan lain x? huhu

to kud: makasih adekku... pulang cuti kirimin salam pada abg kp ku ye huhu gdluck 2 u 2!