May 4, 2008

kalau bukan rezeki...

**I'm still struggling for my final paper on Tuesday**

Last month, I was (as usual) doing a desperate job seeker fav-past-time activity; looking for job! Well... Praying day and night to get a post related to my coursework actually... So since it's been very long since I last visited JobStreet so I logged in and.... Hmmm, I've found one! Have ever heard bout KUMON? Find it out sendirilah! Haha... And the position title is.... (LOL!!)

So, my first trial for KUMON and.... It's got 2 short essays (can hardly remember the topic) to be done before I can submit the application, so I gave up! And time pass until a rainy evening last two weeks.... God gave me ideas to write the essays and I knew I did 'em sooo well till I got a phone call last week huhu and my sad ending begin warghhh!!!!!!

2 missed calls from 03-20******
So I called 'em back...

Me : Sorry, I'm Nuruladila and I've just received 2 missed calls from this number.
She : Owh, oke. So you're Basripuzi....... (my sweet name have been called dengan agak bersusah-payah =p).
Me : Ya. And you are?
She : I'm Faiza from KUMON. So, you're applying a job via JobStreet right?
Me : Yes, last week..
She : So what position you're applying for?
Me : Owh, sorry... I can't remember by this moment..
She : Oke, I'll call you back.

What a sengalzzz answer huhu so scared that she might not call back!
But minutes later...

She : Hello Cik emmm..... (tak tau nak panggil ape la tu huhu)
Me : Hmmm Nurul. Just call me Nurul (smile hahaha)
She : So you're applying for Mathematic Specialist at our company.
Me : Sure, dats it! (Tiba2 jadi confidence tak tentu pasal!)
She : Oke. So you're invited to our first interview session ya Cik Nurul.
Me : Really? May I know the details?
She : Will be held at Damansara (the office of coz) next Tuesday at 930 (Wargh!!!!!)
Me : Ups! Hmmmm Cik Faiza, can we postpone the time to the evening, please?
She : I'm sorry but we can't Cik Nurul.
Me : How about the next morning?
She : No we can't coz we've got the fixed time already.
Me : Hmmm I have my final paper that day at that time actually. Can only come after 2.
She : Owhhhh... (awat dia pon mcm sedih jugak?!) But I'm sorry Cik Nurul, I can't help!
Me : Hmmmm (budak ini merasa sangat sedih dan tertekan secara automatik!)
She : It's okay Cik Nurul, we'll put your resume on hold and 'll call you back next time.
Me : Oke... Thanx Cik Faizah! (and i fake a smile... terrible!)
She : Thanx Cik Nurul.
Me : AYAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


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