January 30, 2009

invitation here n there~~~

"when the sun rises, it rises for everyone; including ME!!"

... and on the way of my recovering process, I got a lot of engagement and wedding invitations to attend, and even a request to be "tukang angkat dulang" during the reception.. owh! Owh!! So here goes the lists:

February 8th: Apom & Adom big big big day~~~
February 22nd: Nurul & Firdaus engagement @ USJ
March 14th: Mak Andak engagement
March 15th: Kholil's wedding @ bride's place
March 21st: Kholil's wedding @ Lanchang
April 17th: Sis Izue's malam akad nikah @ PJ
April 19th: Sis Izue's reception >>angkat dulang hantaran beliau? perlu ke seorang saye?
May 24th: Jim's wedding @ Pekan
May 29th: Mak Andak wedding
May 31st: Ijad's akad nikah @ Kak Anas's place
June 6th: Ijad's reception @ Temerloh
June (not yet confirm): Amy's wedding

...and lots more to go, just wait!

And owh, by October.... my boyfriend's wedding huhuhuhu to attend or not to attend? Huhuhu...
How about an escape trip to Borabora Island, girl?! Owh!!!!

May God bless me with a husband better than his wife's husband who is exactly HIM... and bless us with a merrier and grand wedding than their big day!!! Owh God, I'm sick! Sick! Sick!

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syadean said...

yayang!!!!! kholil x ajak aku!..how dare him!uhukss