D: a caliph | a wife | a daughter | a sister | a momy | a friend | a little lady with huge heart

D: a caliph | a wife | a daughter | a sister | a momy | a friend | a little lady with huge heart

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WAHM : Work at Home Momy
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October 16, 2011

mak-mak yang lain tabah cani tak? saya rasa saya tak...

Mula-mula ace korang play dulu video ni....
Tenet tenetttttt....

In Memory of Baby Ella Rose Cook July 17, 2008

"Baby Ella was born on July 17, 2008. Four days earlier I had been admitted to the hospital as I spontaneously dilated and Ella's water sac had begun descending into the canal at just 21 weeks gestation. I was told by many to just "get it over with" and begin induction as Ella would not likely live. However, my wonderful husband and I would not choose certain death when I had the option to lie in the hospital in the trendelinberg position to ease the water sac back through the cervix. After 48 hours of doing so, there was no change in my condition. Ella was still exposed to infection as was myself, but we were not about to give up. Two more days went by and we hung onto the hope that something would change. However, the only thing that did was that Ella and I now had an infection and there was no way to turn back the clock for her. My wonderful doctor (who was the only medical professional who refused to give up on us) delivered the news on that Thursday around 12:40pm. It was no longer my duty to try to save Ella...if we wanted to see her alive, we would have to deliver her as soon as possible. With my family beside me, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was perfect in every way. My husband and I baptized her immediately and we witnessed her tiny body move and her delicate hand grasp the ring that her daddy tried to place on her fingers...she was so strong. And Ella began to suck on my finger as I brushed it against her tiny cheek. It was a beautiful experience that we enjoyed for 20 minutes until it was time for God to take her home. This video was played at her funeral and we want to share our baby with everyone we can...what a gift we had. Mommy and Daddy love you, Ella Rose! xoxoxoxoxo"

So there goes the story...
Eh, dah la tu kesat la ayor mata tu...
Kita amek positif ye...
Memang la cam sedih kan tapi cuba tengok wajah parents dia...
smiling :)

Mesti puas hati kan sebab at least dorg da usaha keras nak selamatkan nyawa si anak
Takde la ralat sangat kot kan
nak-nak lak anak sekecil tu sempat hidup 20 minit...
Ok la sempat suck jari mak dia kan sooooo sweet

Video ni saya jumpa kat youtube petang semalam
Oklah in memory tau la da mati kan
tapi mcm nak tengok sebab baby tu kecik sgt la pulak tapi mak dia senyum
dats y terbukak pulak
pastu ajak UA tengok sekali
haishhhh banyak lak tanya si ayah ni tau
nasib baik mommy ade blaja bio tiga tahun hari tu hahaha

kira-kira baby lam perut ni besar2 camtu gak la
yang ni baru 4 bulan lebih...
oh anak, mommy dan ayah doakan kamu selamat, sihat & sempurna di dalam situ...
cepatlah besar supaya mommy boleh main2 dengan kamu kat dalam tu
eh salah! supaya mommy boleh rasa kamu main2 kat dalam tu
dan ayuh bikin ayah jeles sebab dia mampu tengok je hahaha

p/s: kalau nak kira 2008, kalau Ella Rose Cook ni hidup sure dah 3 tahun ++ kan :)

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